Free access to Midjourney

Chat AI provides access to the Midjourney neural network via the website, a Telegram chat-bot, and a browser extension. No foreign phone number or credit cards required.



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In 2023, free access to Midjourney was suspended indefinitely as the AI's beta-testing came to an end. However, this is also no reason for dismay because the Midjourney chatbot is now available to everyone, either for free or by subscription – depending on your 'appetite'.

How to Get Started

If you need a Midjourney subscription or free access – simply visit the service at «link». Here, you will gain unrestricted access to Midjourney on Telegram, an online page, or as a browser extension.

After installing the extension, navigating to the dialogue page, or entering the Telegram bot, you can immediately start working. First, set the necessary settings – this can be done in the Menu.

To generate an image, enter a textual description of the picture. The description should be detailed but not overloaded with details, avoid phrases that the neural network might misinterpret or not understand at all.

The Midjourney bot operates for free, whether on Telegram, online, or as a browser extension. However, there is a limit to the number of generations per month. If you need more – paid options are available.

The Advantages of Our Service

There are many advantages:

  • free access to the most popular neural network for image generation;
  • three work formats (Telegram bot, website or browser extension);
  • free access (not without limits, but still free);
  • simple payment for the chosen package without intermediary involvement;
  • a detailed guide on interacting with AI;
  • three packages of paid services;
  • reasonable price.

How to Buy a Subscription

Can be purchased directly in three simple steps:

  • In the menu, press the relevant command «/subscribe».
  • On the website, click the «Upgrade subscription💎» button.
  • Select the suitable package and payment method.
  • Pay for the subscription.