Free access to Chat GPT

Chat AI provides access to the ChatGPT neural network via the website, a Telegram chat-bot, and a browser extension. No foreign phone number or credit cards required.


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ChatGPT is a multifunctional neural network capable of solving a multitude of tasks.

How It Works

We have created an analog of the OpenAI neural network that is completely identical in capabilities. Here you can immediately choose which implementation option to use; there are three in total:

  • Website. By choosing this option, you will be directed to a page with an AI dialogue box. Everything is ready for use.
  • Telegram chat-bot. Click on the transition button to open and launch the ChatGPT chat bot in Telegram. After launching, you can start the dialogue.
  • Browser extension. By clicking this button, you will be directed to the extension download page. After downloading and installing, all ChatGPT capabilities will be available right in your browser.

Settings and Functionality

For example, let's consider working with the bot in Telegram – the messenger is not demanding in terms of internet speed and IP, and it's easy to install on both PCs and mobile devices. Moreover, the format of online use is more convenient.

After starting the chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT and choosing your language, go to the Menu. By pressing /start, you will receive a list of all the bot's commands. Pay attention to the last one – it calls up a detailed guide on the capabilities of GPT, which is useful to study. But overall, working with the bot is intuitively simple and straightforward.

Up to 100 requests per month are available for free. To expand capabilities, you need to buy a subscription. The most pleasant part is that a ChatGPT paid subscription is inexpensive (from 3,0 € per month).

The bot also makes available the latest version of AI – ChatGPT 4. This is a paid version, available by subscription – just pay for the Standard package. To speed up work and increase the number of requests, you need to purchase the Premium or Pro package. Their cost is 7,5 € and 20,0 € per month, respectively.

But if you do not plan to use the neural network often, 100 free requests per month will be sufficient for you.

The same conditions apply when using the website or browser extension. Ultimately, it all comes down to which method of interacting with AI is more convenient for you. The settings, functionality, and capabilities are the same and available under the same terms.