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Instructions for Creating and Editing Images in the Chat-Bot

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Creating Images

Here we briefly explain how to create and edit images in the chatbot @chat_ai_tg_bot. These instructions also apply for working with images on the website.

To create an image by description in the chatbot, send a message “/image description” or “draw description”. Example: “draw a cat and dog wedding”. Works in both Russian and English.

Model selection Model selection

To create an image on the site, go to the chat 🖼️ Create Image and send a message which you can immediately start with “description”. Example: “cat and dog wedding”. Works in both Russian and English.

Create image Create image

After submitting the description, you can choose a model. We will look at the most advanced model, Journey.

After choosing the model, the download starts and after a short while, you receive 4 ready images with buttons.

Images by description Images by description

By pressing on 🔄 - the bot will send another 4 photographs by the same request.

By pressing the V1, V2, V3, or V4 button - 4 more similar images will be created depending on the chosen number: 1 - is the first photo on the left, 2 - is the right one at the top, 3 is right in the middle, and 4 is right at the bottom.

Result of pressing V1 Result of pressing V1

By pressing the U1, U2, U3, or U4 button, the bot will send a specific photo and additional actions.

Result of pressing V1 Result of pressing U1

Here you can get new similar images by clicking “Change significantly 🪄” or “Change slightly 🪄“. You can also zoom the image on all sides by clicking on “Zoom out 🔍” or only on one specific side by clicking on “⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️”.

Result of clicking Zoom out 🔍 Result of clicking Zoom out 🔍

Editing Images

You can edit or create similar images using your existing photos or graphic works.

To do this, simply send an image with a description to the bot or to the site.

Sending image with description Sending image with description

To work with Journey click "Edit 🪄" To work with Journey click "Edit 🪄"

Result request - Neznaika in anime style Result request - Neznaika in anime style

Further, you can also edit and enhance the obtained images using buttons.

Copy Style

This feature allows you to use any picture as a base style. That is, you can write a request, upload an image, and the output will be a generation that considers the stylistics of the uploaded image.

Copy Style Copy Style Journey 6

Request: Ronaldo football player

Copy Style

Face swap

You can upload your photos and any other face you want to use.

Send your face that you want to use to the bot. And choose Face swap

Face swap Face swap

Afterwards, you need to upload a photo where your face will be placed.

Face swap Second photo

A few seconds — and your photo magic is ready.

Face swap Result

Or upload to the site the face you want to use. And choose Face swap

Face swap Face swap

You will have the opportunity to upload the second photo.

Face swap Second photo

And here is the result.

Face swap Result

Improve Request

Use the request auto-improvement button in the bot.

Improve Request Enable request auto-improvement

Or the Improve the request button on the website.

Improve Request Improve the request

Our algorithm will add a more detailed description, styles, and the needed format for your request. You will receive much more high-quality photos.

Improve Request Fisherman on a boat


The bot works best with simple, short sentences describing what you want to see. Avoid long lists of requests.

Incorrect: “Show me a painting of many blooming poppies, make them bright, saturated oranges, and draw them in an illustrated style with colored pencils”

Correct: Bright orange poppies, drawn with colored pencils

It’s better to describe what you want rather than what you don’t want. If you ask to organize a party “without a cake”, your image will likely include a cake. If you desire to ensure that an item is not present in the final image, try using the advanced prompt with the --no option.

Incorrect: “Party without cake”

Correct: Party --no cake


If you want to get an image of a specific size, you can specify it in the description through the command --aspect.


Party --aspect 4:3

Party --aspect 16:9

Party --aspect 1920:1280

If you have a link to an image, you can also add this link to the description.


“/image link to the picture “anime style”


Creating images is available by subscription.

You can purchase a subscription by sending the command /subscribe.

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