Chat AI

Ask questions about any page on the web

Chat AI

The extension has added the ability to interact with any page on the web. Now you can get a summary of the page or ask questions about any site.

Examples of use:

For example, you have opened a large article about the history of ancient people and want to learn about a specific event mentioned in the text, but you don’t want to read the whole article. Just open the extension and ask a question, Chat GPT will answer you given the context of the page.

Getting summaries of news articles: Imagine you found a long article about a new technology trend, but you’re running out of time. Use ChatGPT to get a quick overview.

You’re a programmer, often working with code on github, you can ask questions on pull requests, open files, and commits to quickly understand what’s been done in the code.

This extension is designed to make online reading more convenient and productive. Try it out for yourself to see how it can help your web work.

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