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Chat-bot Now Understands Links

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If you send a link to any web page to the bot, it will analyze its content and take the obtained information into account when forming a response. 💼

Usage Examples

1️⃣ Articles 📰 - Send a link to any article to the bot, and it will help you quickly understand the gist of events, answer questions on the topic, and provide a brief summary.

2️⃣ Education 🔬 - Share a link to a scientific publication with the bot, and it will explain complex concepts in simple language, provide examples and analogies.

3️⃣ Fact-Checking 🕵️ - The bot can check the information from the provided link, comparing it with reliable sources, and also evaluate the neutrality of the narrative. 📰

And the best part - this new feature is available absolutely free! 🎉

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