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Not GPT alone - introducing Claude

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Meet the new update in the chatbot, site and browser extension - this is the new artificial intelligence Claude. It is developed by former Open AI employees. Claude understands Russian perfectly, and can handle various tasks even better than ChatGPT. It’s definitely worth a try.

Added 3 models, the difference is in cost and level of intelligence:

Claude Haiku

The simplest model, available for free, suitable for quick and simple answers

Claude Sonnet

A model comparable to ChatGPT 4 Turbo - suitable for most modern tasks. Available with Standard⭐️+ subscriptions

Claude Opus

The smartest model, even surpasses ChatGPT 4 in mathematics and programming tasks. Available with Premium subscriptions💎+

To try, send the /change_model command to @chat_ai_tg_bot or on a chat page

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